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Oct 5th, 2021: 

Johnny is back from his summer tour and is currently writing and recording songs in the Sonoran Desert. He’s planning on recording his next album in Mexico City next year. “Murder Mountain was written shortly after the death of my father and the first few months of the pandemic. The next album is being written during the “new normal” of fear and hate, political violence, iconoclasms and the fall of the American experiment and individual liberty. And I’m asking myself, “Does music really fucking matter in a civil war?”.

Oct 1st, 2021:

Johnny believes that Facebook and Instagram do more harm than good for society by profiting from division, propaganda and misinformation. Johnny will close his Facebook page but continue to have Instagram but will rarely, if at all, post in the future. "It's possible when the new album comes out I'll do some promotional posts but other than that, I'm done. The only reason I'm keeping it up and not closing it down is for posterity." 

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