From the recording Murder Mountain


Water for the meek
Rinse the young and the poor
Our second wake in a month
Drop the sour warden on a numberless block and be all you can be

Your love is drier than the monsoon
But legend has it, that it’s haunted
And anything can happen in the darkness
So send in the hissing drunks

Channel sulfuric fruit
And give my love and cure to the godly
Oh arrested again on a flytrap loop
Torn signals for the lonely

And I just try to stay alive and away
From the fertile reign
Fertile reign of Juarez
Fertile reign of Juarez

Nod to MILF’s of suburbia
Citrus fields long gone
To hell with the Joneses, take care of your own
Unworthy start of the decay

Narcocorridos cut the net
While fear of untidy lawns caused the escape
They killed El Toro, gave the boon to the forest
Good fortunes will gather at the border