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  1. Final Ride

From the recording Devil's On My Back

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Final Ride
Johnny Ironsights

Verse 1:

You’ve been fighting this hell since your son rose and I’d do anything
Oh I’d trade these wings, anything to ease your pain
And I will hold you love all through the night, till your last breath
Squeeze your hand and hold you tight
Heaven awaits on the other side


And it’s just me and just you
And it’s just me and just you
Don’t be scared, don’t be frightened by the light
Heaven awaits on the other side, on other side

On our final ride

Verse 2:

Silent memories of when you we’re my little girl keep rushin’ through my mind
Every waking moment since you’ve been gone I keep crying behind my eyes
And I never thought that I’d bury my own child, oh yes I feel
Your still around the corner, waiting for me