From the recording Devil's On My Back

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Devil’s On My Back
Johnny Ironsights

Fly on the wall, bug in the phone
I’m locked up in this trailer, every second growing old
Cookin’ up crystal meth in the kitchen
My children play with guns
There’s a rattlesnake in a fish tank, hey momma I gotta run


Oh the government’s out to get me
They’re right across the track
An evil spirits in the attic
And the Devil….Devil’s on my back
Devil’s on my back, Devil’s on my back

Verse 2:

6 years without you momma
6 years of misery
6 years I spent nothing but pain and debauchery
I caused a flood all around you
I drowned you in your tears
I blamed you for my failings and said fuck the living years

Verse 3:

I dreamed about you momma, I swear that I cleaned up
I found Jesus in a jail cell and now he won’t shut up
From the crack houses of Hemet, to the shores of Hilo
I carry that bible that you gave me everywhere I fucking go