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  1. Southbound Hate

From the recording Devil's On My Back

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Southbound Hate
Johnny Ironsights


Oh Southbound Hate, fooled by what you see
The facts unite the flame, fooled by how you bleed
Red man placed in unmarked graves, fooled by what you see
Southbound Hate, fooled by how you bleed

Verse 1:

Overlords moving the masses, there you are under their control
Give a desperate man a parade, dreams are lies that will never unfold
Ignorance, your own hope, Murder, your escape
Ignorance, your own hope, Suicide, your escape

Verse 2:

An object, a brand of planetary pride
From your tower you raise the fantasy high
We will, we will unite to destroy
Destroy the robotic arms of the concrete hive

Verse 3:

Demons, making their nightly rounds
Trade their respect for the queen from another hive
No room they say for patrons of the mind
Unsworn oath, the rights of our kind