Johnny Ironsights is a child of the 1980s and you can certainly hear the punk, goth and darkwave influence of that decade in his music and lyrics. Maybe  it's The Cramps, Germs, Bad Religion or Social Distortion? Regardless, the impact of that decade is evident in his palette.  

His song “Devil’s On My Back” which is also the title of his new EP, delves into the personal—a family member's meth addiction and paranoia. “Final Ride” is dedicated to his friend Gina. She passed away after complications from a lung transplant. It tells the story of an angel’s willingness to shed his wings and surrender his immortality in order to save her life. 

Johnny Ironsights first band Final Drive was a psychobilly punk band based out of Orange County, California. In 2008, he joined The Woolly Bandits—a garage rock band based out of Los Angeles—playing the organ and guitar. As part of The Woolly Bandits, he toured Europe, Canada, and the United States.  

Apart from his solo music, Ironsights is a film composer and historian. In 2006, he composed the score to director Danielle Agnello's film Lime Salted Love, starring Kristanna Loken and Kate del Castillo.

In 2014, he moved to New Delhi, India for ten months as a Fulbright Research Scholar. While in New Delhi, he researched the little known history of African American jazz musicians that left racism and Jim Crow laws in the USA to pursue careers in British Colonial India.

After leaving grad school in 2017, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and restarted his solo act. He released his debut EP "Watered Down Faith" in February 2019.